About us


The Dishang Group is China’s largest export manufacturer of apparel and textiles, with a turnover in excess of $1.5bn.

The manufacturing base spans China, Cambodia, Myanmar and Bangladesh, to provide truly global solutions.

The Group also has a worldwide network of offices providing commercial, creative and technical support to our customers in over 50 countries.

We have 90 wholly-owned factories manufacturing a huge range of garments, and employ over 15,000 staff.


Dishang Group Chairman | Lihua Zhu


Lihua Zhu explains how the Dishang Group’s success is down to three factors:


“Firstly our volume strength is very important. Due to the size of the group we can secure the more competitive prices for our customers (when purchasing raw materials and components). Secondly we offer in-house design expertise and have factories and internal teams that specialise in different products, meaning brands and retailers can come to us for everything. And thirdly, we approach international markets differently with our own offices, which saves costs by cutting out the middle man.”