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3D Design Services

digital design manufacture

3D Innovation

With our DDM (digital design manufacture) we are able to remotely interact with clients using virtual 3D samples.
We can:

  • Create prints and woven structures on screen, or scan existing fabrics and import as graphic
  • Upload and modify 2D design drawings and animate into 3D images
  • Adjust fit and styling on screen using customers’ own fit model dims
  • Create and adjust pattern pieces and develop markers for direct cutting
  • Store an unlimited library of fabrics, designs, fits and markers to enable fast product development and unrivalled speed to market.

RevolutioniSing Design

Dishang's 3D Transformation

Dishang set up a 3D team in 2017 and have vigorously promoted 3D technology. At present, there are 45 3D modelers in the team, serving more than 100 brand customers. The 3D fabric library contains 50,000 pieces of digital fabrics and connects hundreds of 3D fabric suppliers.

DDM has become a powerful tool for design and development, which meets customers' new retail needs for speed, order quantity and flexibility.  With 3D samples, we can save 10% of fabric and trims, increase material utilization rate by 5%,  save labor cost by 35% and reduce production cycle by 2 days. Collaborative efficiency can be increased by 300% and sample approval rate can be increased by 50%.

This tool enables us to reduce the amount of samples produced which saves time and cost. This 3D innovation is not only a great support to our clients, it is a huge support for a greener economy.


End to End Solutions, from Design to Delivery.

Trend Forecasting

At Dishang we take time to understand current and emerging trends within the apparel and textile industry, by doing this we can ensure we’re on top of the game at all times.


Whether it's expert advice on fabric choices or creating an entire range from scratch, our dedicated team is primed to provide invaluable assistance throughout the process.


Our garment techs carry out technical and quality control work to ensure the end product always performs to specification.


The Dishang Group works to ensure that all of our production units provide good working conditions and environmental standards. We achieve these objectives by working to agreed standards (based on the ETI base code), supported by regular site inspections and a policy of continuous improvement.