Eco-Centric Solutions

Our Sustainability & Ethics

A foreword from our Chairman

Mr Lihua Zhu

Over the past 30 years, sustainability has been an integral part of Dishang group’s development model. It is rooted in the company’s goal of sustainable management and our overall contribution to society.

The concept of sustainable development is the starting point of Dishang’s technology, workmanship and design. For this reason, we are committed to creating a “green clothing supply chain” to reduce carbon emissions and eliminate chemical pollution from the manufacturing process.

Dishang will continue to vigorously promote its commitment to sustainability and translate this into a comprehensive road map for both our customers and supply chain partners, to inject momentum into the sustainable development of the entire industry.

Sustainability Vision

As a leader in the 30.60 initiative, Dishang has set an ambitious goal to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, 10 years ahead of the stated objective. By 2050, Dishang Group aims to attain both carbon and climate neutrality, and a higher degree of corporate social responsibility by focusing on strategic actions across five key areas: climate, resources, water, chemical substances, and human rights.


Rights Protection

Dishang is dedicated to fostering meaningful and fair work environments, ensuring a safe and secure workplace for each employee. Our commitment is to offer various benefits, eradicate employment discrimination and uphold the right to freedom, ensuring the happiness of every individual.

Dishang Group Policies

In fostering a culture of transparency, responsibility, and sustainability, our company is committed to adhering to a comprehensive set of policies that govern our operations and interactions. These policies encompass various aspects of our business, ranging from internal guidelines to external engagements with suppliers and stakeholders. Our commitment to ethical practices and environmental stewardship is evident in the stringent policies we have put in place.

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